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Posted By: Rapparee
06-Feb-07 - 08:12 AM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
My new rapier came yesterday, or rather, over the weekend. I was going to take it to Fencing tonight. Sure. I have a dinner at 6 with a discussion following, and since it's the Idaho Commission on Libraries (called "The Idaho State Library" before they got delusions of grandeur) I really can't just shuck it off so I can be at Fencing at 7.

I took it up to the Legion Hovel last night, though. Actually, I stopped by to deliver some flyers on my way home. Thutnose The First and King Billy were looking in the car window at the rapier when I came out.

"Whut's thet?" asked the Nose.

"Rapier," I replied with a sigh. I know how these things go.

"Whut's it fer?"

"Opening letters," I replied.

"Kinda big fer thet, ain't it?" asked the King.

"We get big mail down at the library," I said.


"Well, Ah never woulda guessed THET," said the King. "It looks like a frog sticker ma daddy usta have when we lived in the swamp in Alabamy."

"Alabamy?! You some kinda Reb?" exploded the Nose.

"I wuz born thar. What's it to you, ya clod-jumpin' Yankee?"

As I drove off the US Civil War had broken out. Yet again.