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Posted By: Folkiedave
06-Feb-07 - 11:29 AM
Thread Name: Nic Jones In The Daily Mail
Subject: RE: Nic Jones In The Daily Mail
Ron, I have learnt to respect you and your opinions over the years - you are almost always right.

Sadly I do think you have missed the point. It is a culture gap I suspect.

Because of his immense talent and because of the tragic way people are no longer able to share it live - Nic is loved by everyone. He was also badly treated by a record company who have his music and spent a long time not releasing it. Diane did not give the full story up there. But search for Bulmer or celtic music in Mudcat for a fuller version of the story.

I would never buy the Mail, nor would I buy it so I could post something on here - like Diane has done - but I am now happy to read it.....

And I have done my share of picket lines - mine and other peoples.
We once had a brilliant strike with fantastic organisation - and amazing publicity lined up.

They released Mandela to take the limelight off us..........There is no limit to the extent the capitalist class will go....