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Posted By: Marje
07-Feb-07 - 02:05 PM
Thread Name: Poor Old Horse - unlikeable song subjects
Subject: RE: Poor Old Horse - unlikeable song subjects
I just want to add my vote to the "counting songs" category; specifically, the cumulative songs that get longer every verse, like the 12 days of Christmas. I have no problem with the ones like Seven Drunken Nights (or however many nights the singer dares to reach) - it's the endless repetition of all the lines from the previous verses that bores me. And the same applies to songs like "Herring's Head", etc, where there's a growing list of herring-bits that gets repeated every verse. To me, there's something inherently depressing about a song that gets longer every verse, I just feel it's never going to end. And the tune generally gets stuck in a groove too.

I think my dislike is partly because I'm not good at remembering these backward lists - I'd never sing one myself because I'd get it wrong, and I just don't enjoy the mental challenge of having to remember the sequence to join in the chorus. Perhaps if you find them a real breeze, they are a delight to sing and listen to. But not for me.