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Posted By: Bainbo
07-Feb-07 - 04:22 PM
Thread Name: Nic Jones In The Daily Mail
Subject: RE: Nic Jones In The Daily Mail
It's not so much the political slant of the paper - I'll happily read the Telegraph, or the Sunday Times. But I try to avoid this particular paper because of its agenda of actively stirring up hatred and division between different sections of the community.

It sells phenomenally well, though. I once remarked to a journalist friend that you had to admire it, because it knew it was excellent at knowing its market. She, quite rightly, rebuked me, saying you might as well as well admire arms manufacturers becuase they knew how to sell.

Ron, I've followed with interest your argument about a boycott. I don't think anyone was saying they'd boycott it - just that they found it distasteful to read. My dad used to take it, and if I was going round to the shop for him, what was I supposed to do? Deny him his paper, lecture him, and buy him the Guardian instead? I don't think so :-)

Oh, and back on topic, congratulations to Nic Jones in the Radio 2 Folk Awards.