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08-Feb-07 - 07:19 PM
Thread Name: Obit: Eric Von Schmidt RIP (1931-2007)
Subject: RE: Obit: Eric Von Schmidt RIP (2 Feb 2007)
To say my father and I did not always get along would be an understatement of mammoth proportions. To say he was one of a kind would be that same kind of understatement. I wish we had been able to resolve the personal issues that defined our often rocky relationship. That being said with such a feeling of loss, I have to say that he has left me in complete awe of his absolute passion for life. In addition to growing up beleiving that he truly knew how to do anything -and everything from carpentry to plumbing to feeding ants to a pet toad. The truth is if he didn't know he would learn it right then and there as he went along. I now as an adult beleive that one of his greatest gifts was his absence of fear. He lived his life flying in the face of even the remotest convention..No lawyers --no doctors-- no punching a time clock--no working for "the man" Im sure i will never meet another person who lived life more on his "own terms"than my father. For that he has earned my greatest respect and love.I will always remember him as a modern day pirate,(complete with gleaming gold tooth)with his incredible passion and endless creativity sailing him in and out of this port and that one with his insatiable love of wine women and song being his driving wind."Never compromise with reality" was only one of his mottos--he truly lived them all. Who else do we know who can say the same? I hope he left me with some fraction of the boldness he had to dream the BIGGEST dreams and then got out and live them. "No regrets!!"    He passed away in his sleep peacefully ,as I prayed he would-to put an end to his suffering here on earth. As his long voyage here with us comes to an end ,I have this to say ---on to the next adventure!!! Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of rum   meg