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Posted By: Dave Wynn
09-Feb-07 - 07:05 PM
Thread Name: BBC Folk Awards - Results (2007)
Subject: RE: BBC Folk Awards - Results (2007)
I have had a couple of pints tonight. Please take anything I say with a pinch of salt. Just like you should with these stupid folk awards.
What are they for:- Promotion of commercialism
Do we need them :- er' No.
Who won last year :- Who gives a shit
Who will win next year :- Whoever smooth operations think they can make the most out of.
Who gets to vote :- "I can't possibly comment on that. It would mean allowing transparancy to ruin the event"
Who will never win :- people like Phil Hare and Stan Accrington and Pete Ryder and a hundred other top performers who daily, weekly and yearly (is there such a word as yearly?) perform all over the national club scene but who have too much integrity to swoon the "voters".
Which folk venues (I wanted to say clubs but clubs are a dying breed) gain from the awards :- The ones who book the most expensive artists coz they can afford them and these artists get to vote.

I am promoting an alternative this year. It's called the Best Plumber Awards. I think it's far more valid and each award has proof.
Best Bathroom :- (supported by B&Q)
Best copper pipework :- (supported by Rio Tinto metals)
Most used drainwork :- (supported by E-zy drains ltd)
Best traditional boiler (Supported by modern boilers are us). Oooo Seth Lakeman.

Listen to yourselves and worry a little.

Spot the Dog (who has run folk clubs, festivals and performed music, song and dance on the traditonal and contemporary scene for over 35 years and would tell you where and how far to stuff an award if it was offered.) Cor........ I enjoyed that little rant!!!