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Posted By: GUEST,of 10.46
12-Feb-07 - 04:14 AM
Thread Name: Ron Trueman Border
Subject: RE: Ron Trueman Border
I'll try an answer the criticisms that might have been meant for me!

1. I am choosing to be anonymous on this occasion because if I identify myself, and therefore the club I go to, I could be seen to be speaking for other people, and I don't feel I have that right. On other threads I have posted using my real name. Just trying to be considerate. Maybe it's misplaced caution.

2. I would have no problem speaking to Ron himself. It wouldn't take 'guts' - just more interest than I actually have. I would certainly give him a 'second chance' if he appears local to me again, and if I still feel the same, then I will, if there is a suitable opportunity, say the same things directly to him. If I have a far more enjoyable experience, I'll tell him that too!

3. The thread began by canvassing opinions of Ron, not by asking for people to contact him directly. As I have seen him and do have an opinion I felt it was legitimate for me to post. The suggestion I offered was just my ham fisted way of tempering what might otherwise be construed as unconstructive criticism. And perhaps offered to see whether other people shared that thought, as per the spirit of the thread.

Fun here, isn't it!