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12-Feb-07 - 12:54 PM
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Here is a somewhat different Valentine's Day story I found.


by Julie Silverman-Ditton

A Valentines' Day story adapted from a folktale of unknown origin.

Legend has it, that every year on Valentine's Day, Mother Nature calls all the birds together to choose their mates. This was a year like many others. Many of the older birds have already chosen their mates in the years before, but all the young birds gathered round. They were all anxious to choose a mate and fly off with their new lovebirds to build a nest.

"Mother Nature, let the choosing start!" they chirped.

But Mother Nature was holding a shy young eagle in her lap. She caressed the soft feathers. Then looking up, Mother Nature saw a fine, big eagle standing before her. His long wings spread wide, he looked like a proud and grand king. She said to the other birds. "This eagle is the greatest of birds, truly a king. Until he chooses for himself a mate, no other bird shall choose!"

The huge bird flapped his wings. He rose into the air, circled around the field and landed in front of her again. "I choose that beautiful chic in your lap."

At that the tender, young eagle hung her head. She did not reply yes or no to his request. So timid and shy, she did not dare say no to the king of birds.