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12-Feb-07 - 12:54 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
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But then another mighty eagle cried out fiercely: "You shall not have that lovely creature! You do not really love her at all; you merely admire her looks. I truly love her! She must be mine! Mine! Mine!"

"Oh no! Not on your life!" a third great eagle screamed. "You want to possess her. I'll cherish her! I love her best of all!"

And with that those three great eagles all began to shriek. Each cried, "I'll have her! She's Mine."

The eagles screeched & argued, till the wise owl interrupted. "You'll never settle this affair by yelling!"

"That's true! We'll fight!" the eagles screamed. Before the others could stop them, they took flight, circling one another. Each trying to knock the other out of the air. One great bird struck the other with his huge bent beak.