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12-Feb-07 - 12:55 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
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"Enough! That will be enough of that!" cried Mother Nature. She waved her arm, and the summoned birds flew down to her side, hanging their heads in shame. "Fighting doesn't solve anything. There is always another answer."

The other birds were anxious to decide the matter so that they could get on with the choosing. "Let us help!" they chirped.

So the goose took a gander at the fighting birds and said, "Let all these eagles give this girl up. Let each one choose another mate!"

But the first eagle raged "Only a goose like you would say such a thing. What bird who calls himself a gentleman would give up his true love and choose another mate?"

"Coo!" spoke the dove. "No lover should ever change his heart. Not even if she says she will not have him for her mate. He should love her still and serve her all his life!"

"Quackery!" yelled the duck. "What sense is there in that? To wait a lifetime for a girl! Get on with your life, all of you, and choose another bird."

"Cuckoo, I say, let these eagles live alone!" the cuckoo snapped. "Just let them take no mates at all."

"Live all their lives alone!" the blue jay shrieked. "Who would have thought of that save you, cuckoo?"

So now all the birds were quarrelling. And still nothing had been solved.