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Posted By: BanjoRay
13-Feb-07 - 10:28 AM
Thread Name: UK Old Time music festival, February '07
Subject: RE: UK Old Time music festival, February '07
Draft Schedule
Here is the draft schedule for the Gainsborough festival. It may change but probably not by very much.

PLEASE NOTE: FRIDAY IS A SCHOOL DAY AND (with the exception of a small number of movers and shakers who have already been told who they are) THERE'S NO ACCESS UNTIL 5:30. Please time your arrival to suit.

All timings approximate and subject to change.


Friday from 7:30 pm

Rough Deal String Band (with Jock Tyldesley and Vera Van Heeringen)
Mike Fenton
New Deal String Band
The Orpheus Supertones

Saturday 7:00 pm
Dave Marshall and Andy Imms
Old Faded Glory (short performance featuring dancing by Rosie Davis)
New Deal String Band
Sara Grey and Kieron Means
The Orpheus Supertones

Followed immediately by a
Square Dance
Music by Old Faded Glory and possibly others
Callers Rosie Davis and Clare Sheridan.

bring instruments and recorders for the most benefit.
There will be sign-up sheets for the workshops (generally limited numbers) displayed in the canteen area. If your name's not on the sheet, and the sheet's full please don't try and get in.

10:00 to 11:30 am
Dave Marshall - Beginners banjo (techniques & simple tunes)
Mike Fenton - Autoharp (spare instruments available)
Andy Imms - Beginners guitar (principles and techniques)
Sara Grey & Kieron Means - Approaching singing old songs (t.b.c)
Jock Tyldesley - Cross tuned fiddle
Nick Pilley - Mandolin for beginners (some spare instruments)
Paul Sheridan - Introduction to flatfoot dancing

1:00 to 2:30 pm

Walt Koken & Clare Milliner - Fiddle & banjo duets (repertoire)
Pete Peterson & Kellie Allen - Old time vocal harmony.
(Songs as they were recorded in the early years , 1920's-40's. Come ready to sing)
Mike Fenton - Autoharp (spare instruments available)
Cath Tyler - Shape note singing
New Deal String Band - Meet the band (informal with Q & A)
Dave Marshall & Andy Imms - Arrangements for specific tunes to accompany banjo
Rosie Davis - Beginner's freestyle (simple steps & rhythms, working with the music)

3:00 to 4:30 pm

Walt Koken - Banjo mixed ability
(a simple tune and a complex one, perhaps with an octave variation, depending on class ability)
Clare Milliner - Intermediate Fiddle
(standard and crooked fiddle tunes)
Pete Peterson - What would Charlie Poole do?
Kellie Allen - Guitar accompaniment
(connecting the chords to old time tunes and songs)
Rough Deal String Band - Slow jam
Cath Tyler - Shape note singing

Open stage
from 3:00 to 5:30 pm (no later than 6:00 pm to allow for soundchecks)

Annual General Meeting

Foaotmad members only
10:00 am to end by 11:30 am
The following committee positions are currently vacant:
Dance Representative (2)
Newsletter Editor.
We have three nominations for the dance positions so we will have the rare chance for an election!


11:30 to 12:45 am

Orpheus Supertones - Working as a band
(learning to play together as a band, blending instrumentals and vocals)
Sara Grey - singing with the banjo (t.b.c.)
Kieron Means - guitar (t.b.c)
Rick Townend - mandolin (tunes & songs; questions & answers)
Tom Paley - fiddle (beginners/early intermediate)
Joe Locker - Banjo - simplified frailing without the drop thumb
Rosie Davis - Advanced freestyle (interpretation of the music through steps, dynamics, rhythm & style)

From NickP and BanjoRay