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Posted By: GUEST,Mr (seeing) Red
16-Feb-07 - 03:58 AM
Thread Name: Utility bills scam
Subject: Utility bills scam
I just got my Domestic Gas bill form Brititsh Gas.

It included a price hike and an estimated interim reading.

They estimated that I used no gas at the lower price and all at the higher. Smell a rat yet?

The zero usage estimate covered 2.5 summer months - plausible except for a guy who cooks with gas nightly and heats his water with it (pilot lights consume gas too).

Perhaps I should read the meter before the lower the prices again - or move on.

A swift (well swift for them) call elicited a reduction of 6 GBP. But since they don't state the price per meter unit on the bill they have something to hide there. They quote a price per Kwatt but no linkage to cu ft (or litres etc). Couple that with their cold sales call to a guy who is on the TPS register and I have reason enough to move.