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Posted By: Liz the Squeak
16-Feb-07 - 11:05 AM
Thread Name: BS: Were you named after anyone?
Subject: RE: BS: Were you named after anyone?
I was named after my father's mother. Could have been worse. I could have been called after my mother's mother - then I'd've been Ethel or Winifred!

Limpit is named after her great great grandmother Phoebe. There's a story behind this. You need to know that grandmothers in our family were always known by their surnames.

My mother, having just had her first child, a boy, was visited by the family. Her grandmother, known as Granny Christopher, helped change his nappy (diaper). During this operation my infant brother sprinkled his great grandmother in the way that little boys do.

"Aha" says mother, "he's christened you, so that's what we'll christen him." And so he became Christopher.

Christopher was killed by a drunken driver when he was 17 and the family connection to Christopher went with him. My sister had 3 girls, none of whom are called Christopher. When Limpit was expected we had difficulty choosing a name we both liked. Manitas said he'd had a grandmother Phoebe(mistakenly as it turned out, she was Phyllis)
and so it was one of the final two (the other was Brighid). The choice between those two was made by the toss of a coin in a pub the day before I went into hospital to have her!

Her middle name also has a story. For a few years it looked as if I couldn't have children - leastways, I wasn't getting pregnant. At the Hastings Jack in the Green/May Day festival in 1995, I complained to the chief bogie who suggested a traditional remedy. I got taken up to the Jack, my problem was explained, I got under the Jack and my bottom was painted green. 6 weeks later I was pregnant.