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Posted By: Raedwulf
16-Feb-07 - 03:09 PM
Thread Name: BS: Were you named after anyone?
Subject: RE: BS: Were you named after anyone?
During this operation my infant brother sprinkled his great grandmother in the way that little boys do.

Objection! I never did this!! OK, my great-gran never actually met me. But she knew about me, even if she did die just 2 months after I was born. I never widdled over her (it wasn't my fault, I tell you...). So there!

And, Liz, as another Michael, can I just say I'm glad Rap got there first :p ("like unto god" is the standard translation that I know, & Robert Graves asserts that that's merely a masculine version of Michal, a pre-hebraic name for one incarnation of the Triple Goddess).

I'm Michael because it was one of my mother's favourite boys names (she had a doll she named Michael, her sister named her's John, so there but for the Grace of...). My middle name (whence my nom de plume/guerre here) is from my maternal grandfather.

The full translation of my name is the "godlike cunning son of the mighty army". Work that one out if you can!