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Posted By: Helen
16-Feb-07 - 06:14 PM
Thread Name: BS: Were you named after anyone?
Subject: RE: BS: Were you named after anyone?
My older sister Anne was given our maternal grandmother's second name, and my mother's name, Gwyneth, as her second name, and then my sister named her daughter with a first name which is a combination of our maternal grandmother's first two names (i.e Sarah & Ann - with no 'e' on the end) and then Mum's name as her second name.

So when I was born my father's side of the family was the inspiration. The given names of my father's father were Albert Henry Victor but he was known as Harry. My grandmother's name was Henrietta and my father's second name is Henry - which he hates - so I escaped the fate of being called Henrietta and became Helen instead, to keep up the 'H' tradition. My father's maternal grandmother was Frances and her father was Francis, and the name was used a lot in her family so my second name is Frances. Helen means light and Frances means free, so a nice legacy.

I just found out at a family party that my great grandmother Frances was a midwife and was the first woman in our region to get a driver's licence.