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Posted By: Kaleea
16-Feb-07 - 06:49 PM
Thread Name: BS: Were you named after anyone?
Subject: RE: BS: Were you named after anyone?
About 15 years back, my mother quite seriously told me that I should have my name legally changed to "Sharon Rose," (Biblical reference) to which I replied, "huh?!" It seems that my mother had my name all picked out, but my dominating paternal grandparents insisted that I be named after a long deceased great aunt, as their generation of Choctaw (& most any other tribes) were not allowed to name children "indian" names. Daddy said he & Grandad loved this aunt very much, so when the nurse handed him the papers to take to my mother to name me, he just wrote what he wanted without telling my mother.
I was shocked at this story, but probably not as shocked as my mother when she found out what Daddy had done. I told my mother that I thought it was a bit too late to change my name, and that everyone would continue to call me by my birth name even if I tried, which I did not want to do.