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Posted By: Muttley
17-Feb-07 - 08:46 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Give Me a Home among the Gum Trees
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: to an australian song
Gonna get creamed here, but what the hell.

KATIE - above you will find the lyrics and midi's to "Home Among the Gum Trees" and it is indeed, a song originally recorded by 'Bullamakanka' and not the 'Bushwackers' - I have a couple of albums by the latter and a songbook - not there!!!

John Williamson (and yes, I am biased), I believe does the best version - more 'rollicking and 'Aussie' without trying to sound 'over the top' about being Aussie.

HOWEVER - here's where the howls of derision will start - I have an objection to the third line of verse two: I really am uncomfortable with the drug/dope implications of "mulling up on the porch". Probably my paramedic / youthworker background and seeing too many clients / patients / family / friends die from drugs.

I prefer to sing:
"An' later on we'll settle down and go out on the porch;
An' watch the possums play"

The chords I use are:

I've [D]been around the world a couple of [Em]times and maybe [A7]more
I've [Em]seen the sights and [A7]had delights on [D]ev'ry foreign shore
But when my mates all [A7]ask me the [D]place that I adore
I [Em]tell them [A7]right a[D]way


Give me a home among the [Em]gum [A7]trees; With lots of [Em]plum [A7]trees
A [D]sheep or two, a k - [A7]kangaroo; A [D]clothes-line out the back
Ve[Em]randah out the [A7]front; And an [Em]old rocking [D]chair

There are even actions that go with the song - I use them when I sing this with school kids: I tech them the chorus and the actions that go with it and they LOVE doing the song.

I'll name the elements of the chorus that have an attached action and the action that goes with the word/term and remember that each action just flows into the next as you sing.

GUM TREES:   arms above the head, elbows slightly bent and fingers spread
PLUM TREES: As for 'gum trees' but with fingers drooping and wiggling
SHEEP:       Pointer (index) fingers circle temples (like the 'cuckoo or crazy) sign to indicate Ram's Horns
KANGAROO:    Two hands in front (begging dog) like a kangaroo's paws
CLOTHES LINE: Pointer finger of one hand held upright in front of face and describing circles pivoted from the wrist or elbow (supposed to replicate the action of an Aussie rotary clothes-line)
VERANDAH:    Arms held horizontally forward (as for when diving into a pool) and wrists bent slightly downward to indicate a "bull-nosed" iron verandah roof
ROCKING CHAIR: Simply drop the arms and rock back-and-forth where you are sitting

Hope all that helps Katie