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Posted By: GUEST,Dan Keding
18-Mar-00 - 03:36 PM
Thread Name: 3/17 quote on value of public domain-sports
Subject: RE: 3/17 quote on value of public domain
Fair enough. I think that copyright should last the lifetime of the writer/composer. Just because a number of years pass doesn't diminish the art of the writer. I do feel that people who write new words to traditional melodies should only be allowed to copyright the words. I have written several songs this way and only register the words.

Now here's a question for all those eager to use copyrighted material. Let's say that the copyright ends with the death of the author. What happens to the heirs? This would mean that an untimely death, let say like Stan Roger's, would leave a young family with no income from the work of the composer. Is this fair? Or am I just being an annoying maximalist for bringing it up? I'm not saying I advocate this but I am saying that as we all grow older we all want to leave our families secure in a world that does not always honor the artist.

Sorry T. if the words theft and piracy stung. I was trying to put into words what many composers/authors feel when they see their work used without permission and recorded without any renumeration.