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21-Feb-07 - 05:04 AM
Thread Name: Origins: Buried alive - is this story true?
Subject: Origins: Buried alive - is this story true?
From the CD notes for a song by Tim Eriksen, Leave Your Light On, on his 2001 album, Tim Eriksen:

"From a true story told to me by Anna Maria Nygren about a farmer and his wife who lived in her area a few generations back. He really loved her, and was devastated when she died one cold day. She was buried promptly, and the farmer went home to try and get on with things. But that night, alone in the house, he heard a scratching at the window and a whisper – "let me in." He shouted "go away! It's not funny," but again a whisper, "let me in – it's me." He finally went to bed, pulled the covers over his head, and cried himself to sleep. In the morning he went out to the barn, and saw someone lying on the floor – it was her. She was nearly frozen, but breathing, and was missing a finger. Overwhelmed, he brought her inside. She revived, and eventually they pieced together what had happened. She had been mistaken for dead, buried prematurely and then, that night, unearthed by grave robbers. They couldn't get her wedding ring off, so they cut off her finger, at which point she suddenly woke up. No doubt surprised them. Somehow she found her way through the darkness and disorientation to her home and husband. They apparently lived a long time after that."

Tim doesn't give a place nor a precise (or even vague) date for the story, nor the names of the couple. I'd be really interested to know:

a. if anyone can verify this story in any way or give further details
b. if there are other similar stories circulating and, if so, what are their locations and origins? Could this be one variation on a rural myth (as it can't be an urban myth)?