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Posted By: Ruth Archer
21-Feb-07 - 05:08 AM
Thread Name: Origins: Buried alive - is this story true?
Subject: RE: Origins: Buried alive - is this story true?

"Florence Wyndham is famous locally she has even had a poem written about her. Her story is quite unusual. The legend goes that a year after her marriage she was taken ill, and died, she was taken to the church to be entombed in the family vault. That night the sexton, a poor man, crept up to the tomb and opened the lid to take the gold rings from her fingers, but he couldn't pull the rings off so he decided to cut the finger off. As he started cutting he was horrified to see blood, and her body move. He immediately fled the scene never to be seen in watchet again. Florence now wide awake picked up the lantern left by the sexton and walked down the path from the church to her house at Kentsford. It is said that she had great difficulty in persuading her household that she was not a ghost. Not long after this she gave birth to a son from whom the family has descended. The poem about this event was written by Lewis H Court a vicar of the church, he called it "Lady Wyndhams return". Here are a couple of verses

He seized the slender fingers white
And stiff in their repose
Then sought to file the circlet through;
When, to his horror, blood he drew,
And the fair sleeper rose

She sat a moment, gazed around ,
Then, great was her surprise,|
And sexton, startled, saw at a glance
This was not death, but a deep trance,
And madness leapt to his eyes.

The stagnant life steam in her veins
Again began to flow:
She felt the sudden quickening,
For her it was a joyous thing ,
For him a fearsome woe."