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Posted By: Scrump
21-Feb-07 - 05:10 AM
Thread Name: Let's write a song together!
Subject: RE: Let's write a song together!
Bah! I posted in this thread earlier, and my posting seems to have gone AWOL.

Anyway - apologies to Jim Lad for my last contribution yesterday, which was intended as a bit of fun. Jim Lad, don't give up, it's a grand idea. Here are the words so far (below). Jim Lad, as starter of this idea, please edit it to remove any words that don't seem correct, etc., and let's see the result so far.

It barely seems like yesterday,
You held me in your arms.
A Mothers love for her only son,
Amongst the Devonshire farms.

Now as I await my captain's call
To run through a foriegn land
I remember your gentle face
As I write with trembling hand [added by fB]

It only seems like yesterday,
But twenty years,since then have past
Lung cancer took you from us,
A year ago you breathed your last.

But in my memories you remain
A light forever more
Memories stay with us
So I'll always feel you near

sun is now setting, your out of harm

But I remember when you were young
Your future like the sun
I have this massive growth on my nose
Will they save me - no one knows

Ok! Let it die.

They buried you in the churchyard
And with you lies my heart
And if i should sing the song we wrote,
      It will pierce love,like a dart.
So its sentiment will travel far,
And maybe touch YOUR heart.