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Posted By: GUEST,Ian cookieless
21-Feb-07 - 09:10 AM
Thread Name: Origins: Buried alive - is this story true?
Subject: RE: Origins: Buried alive - is this story true?
The Walter Scott story is a mausoleum. The Florence Wyndham story's also has a "family vault". The story told by Anna Maria Nygren to Tim Eriksen was a coffin, as she was "unearthed by grave robbers". I'd love to know if this 'resurrection' is medically plausible? I (think I) know that the reason we tend to remember shocking events, and that the detail at the time is more vivid and detailed than in everyday life, is a rush of adrenaline caused by the shock and danger. I would guess that having a finger cut off would also cause a rush of adrenaline and so possibly revive. However, I also know that severe shocks can also immobilise. I have no idea if being apparently dead would over ride these normal reactions. I'd really value any qualified medical opinions on this.