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Posted By: Jim Lad
21-Feb-07 - 06:48 PM
Thread Name: Let's write a song together!
Subject: RE: Let's write a song together!
It barely seems like yesterday
You held me by the hand
We walked along the seashore
kicked our shoes off in the sand
Then up along the riverbank
and to the shady glen
I'd part with all I own
Just to have yesterday again.

Ah but that was in the springtime
When the air was fresh and clear
We never had a worry
Never shed a single tear
But now my heart grows heavy
As I ponder back to then
Won't somebody please show me
The way to yesterday again

Well the summers nearly over
And the nights are closing in
The sparrow long since left her nest
The geese are on the wing
And all the joys we ever had
We'll never share again
But please God above can I
Just have one yesterday again

So now my love, I'll say Goodbye
As you go on your way
And know my heart is aching
Just to make it through the day
And though we may be parted
Darling in my heart I pray
That someday we'll be together,
Love, just like .....

jeeze, I can't think of the last word. Let me see. Rhymes with "Heart I pray" .... any takers?
And all done before the wee one wakes up from her nap!