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Posted By: Dave Wynn
21-Feb-07 - 07:02 PM
Thread Name: Let's write a song together!
Subject: RE: Let's write a song together!
But Jim Lad what does it say (I mean that sans crique). Why not story board a theme in some detail then ask for suggestions on metre, pace and lyrics.

I don't write as a general rule so it's all a bit foggy to me but how about :
A Style e.g. Trad, Modern, timeless
A basic theme e.g. a human state or emotion,love, cowardice, fear, hope, desire, hate, compassion.
A location e.g home, away, lost, the sea, a city, a river, a mountain
A start Scene setting, character(s)
A finish e.g. unrequieted, indeterminate, happy, complete, failure, death.

If I may continue take Little Pot Stove (Harry Robertson) he starts the song with
"Where the winter blizzards blow and the whaling fleet's at rest
Tacked in Leith harbour's sheltered bay safely anchored ten abreast"

This sets the style, the location and a situation of temporary safely in just two lines. The next two lines brings some characters and explains what they are doing there.

Writing by committee is uncommon but t'committee need to to know the basics like start, general content, way to go and end.

Give us a storyboard and see if it works.

Dave Wynn (A.K.A Spot the Dog)