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Posted By: Escamillo
19-Mar-00 - 02:26 AM
Thread Name: BS: Against my better judgement....
Subject: RE: BS: Against my better judgement....
Just a thought.. I remember the fascination that pipes had on me when I was a child (last century ?). A Scottish family of neighbors used to practice in the front yard of their house some times, traditionally dressed, father and 4 sons in a row, including percussion, it was so impressive ! And rather exotic too, in a South American big city, but later I learnt that a large community of people from the islands reached and stayed in our coasts through history, since the British Invasions of 1806.
How outstanding were the pipe bands in any military parade in movies and TV ! Just hearing their sound from very far, brought such a special excitement ! Many years later came the war of the Falklands/Malvinas, and everything British was presented to us a synonimous of death and abuse. By that time, me and my friends were a little older, and had learnt to differentiate patriotism from bullshit, but the argentine teenagers killed in the islands and in the seas were real.. then that phenomenal music inspired mixed emotions of fear and admiration that keep going on many of us when we hear the pipes.
I think Terri's friend has made a good choice, after all.

Un abrazo - Andrés

PS Joke: DO you know why the Galitian (from Galizia, Spain) pipes sound much less brilliant and loud than the Scottish and British ? Because the Galitians blow into the wrong tube.