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Posted By: GUEST,Silly SOB Sout of Canada, and North of Mexic
25-Feb-07 - 05:34 PM
Thread Name: BS: American jokes
Subject: RE: BS: American jokes
Love the thread, some of the jokes are quite funny.
It is good to see how other people view Americans, and humbling.
It seems to be a pastime in many nations to poke fun at other people.
Americans do deserve the overwhelming amount of grief that places like this thead dish out. I say this due to our overwhelming arrogance.
I dont expect people in foreign land to speak english, I would at least learn enough of theirs to make my way around and get a decent meal.
I dont expect people emigrating to this country to give up their culture but they should learn the language, as we should learn from their culture. I am no historian but I have always been aware that the Canadians burned the Whitehouse, just as I am aware that FRANCE has been our longest standing ally.
As for the jokes my favorite is the American tourists changing the light bulb (deadly accurate) and the 'smartness pills'. Keep them coming.