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Posted By: robomatic
26-Feb-07 - 06:32 PM
Thread Name: BS: Does the Green Party drive cars ?
Subject: RE: BS: Does the Green Party drive cars ?
There are several 'green' vehicles which are being developed to godspeed the ecology:

Hybrid Conestoga: Not only has a sail, but a windmill and a generator. The windmill charges a battery. If you are becalmed or unable to 'tack', you hook the battery up to turn the mill and generate wind to direct into the sail.

Solar Sells!: Any kind of sun at all will charge this baby. comes with direct drive DC motors which move as long as there's power, but recover the power as long as they are moving.

Hydropower: A garden hose fills a tank of water above the car. Water can drive vehicle off compressed air in the tank, when the air is gone, water can drop past driver wheel. If you do not have far to drive, you can grind cornmeal as you go!

Balloon power reaction engine: Fill a large balloon with compressed air. Point nozzle to the rear and valve open. For more power, use compressed hydrogen and a match...Has the advantage that pretty much any gas can be vented, also expired fire extinguishers and surplus JATO units from the army-navy.

In theoretical development: Vehicle motion through tidal forces. So far we can only get the vehicle to move with the tides (in theory)More to come...