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Posted By: Bobert
26-Feb-07 - 07:54 PM
Thread Name: BS: Does the Green Party drive cars ?
Subject: RE: BS: Does the Green Party drive cars ?
Well, yeah, rat-ster... But when these great sailin' ships were out an' about the high seas there really weren't too many other folks out there... Unfotunately, tyhese are different times and channels leadin' into major ports are clogged with traffic an' as much as I hate it, sometimes yer coming into port with a dozen folks in front of you and another dozen behinst you and as many folks in a 100 foot channel going out... That, my friend, is reality of sailin' these days...

But I agree with you all the way that mnakind, myself included, can and needs to do more to to respect mankind and the planet... Yeah, we drive fuel efficent vehicles, we farm organic, we recycle, we use as little electricity as we can but there's always more we can do... My goal for '08 is wind power... I'm allrady bookmarking websites...