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Posted By: The Vulgar Boatman
27-Feb-07 - 04:13 PM
Thread Name: finger-squeaks revisited
Subject: RE: finger-squeaks revisited
John Williams was at one time known to have a superb left hand technique, and almost, but not quite, managed to eliminate string squeak, at least on recordings. This was on a nylon strung classical guitar - an instrument far worse than our steel strung acoustics for this problem. Unfortunately, his father Len, a contemporary of Jack Duarte and Ivor Mairants, shamelessly promoted young John and put it about that his technique was so perfect that he had completely eliminated the problem, which was definitely not the case(the fact that Len spent rather a lot of time bad-mouthing those he'd come up with didn't help either - he ended up running a monkey sanctuary I believe).
Yes, it can be controlled, but only controlled. I doubt if any of us could actually eliminate it, or for that matter whether it's worth it in the context of the very direct, physical nature of playing an acoustic guitar. And certainly not at my age...
I propose we call the squeaks "Lennies" in his memory.