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Posted By: Donuel
28-Feb-07 - 08:19 AM
Thread Name: BS: Does the Green Party drive cars ?
Subject: RE: BS: Does the Green Party drive cars ?
Boy Oh boy am I ever in agreement with the Length (thread starter)

Forget climate change, forget extinctions, forget rising oceans, forget Gulf stream mutations FORGET WIERD STORMS... What is really important is to attack everyone who want to do something about it. Don't these people know there is no such thing as global warming or record CO2 levels, it is only a normal solar cycle we have yet to fully understand.

WHAT IS REALLY IMPORTANT is to denigrate, intimidate, castigate and besmearch anyone who dares become a spokesperson for so called global warming. These people act as if the enviorment belongs to them. Well it doesn't. It belongs to the big boys on Wall street and hedge fund owners who keep our world chugging along with petroleum by the tanker full.

We should go to great "lengths" to smear all enviormentalist whackos as hypocrits, liars and gold diggers.

If they use electricity - they should shut up or face the consequences of our intelligent design, family value, pro war wrath.