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02-Mar-07 - 04:56 AM
Thread Name: Obit: what happened to Shag Connor?
Subject: RE: Obit: what happened to Shag Connor?
I watched Shag and The carrot Crunchers often in the 70's ...I think, can't remember exactly. He had a big white cockerel that he taught to fly up onto a perch about 4' off the ground and he threatend the audience that if they didn't behave he would send it to fly over them. I heard that at one time he had 2 of 'em but when touring overseas someone killed one of 'em and he was heartbroken about it..
I have 2 LP's and, mind you, you'll need one of those modern music playin' machines 'cos they're both in stereo. One is Shag Connors and the CC's...Country Capers SFA064 and the other is 'The Best in the West' SRTZ/CUS 78099 (1978) My 3rd Lp I have lent and....!
Most of his songs were self penned and I remember him writing a song for Terry Wogan a famous UK DJ who played it so often it got into the UK hit parade. It was all about the miles and miles of red cones used here by guys repairing motorways. If I can help anymore e-mail me at mike at mdowding dot co dot uk. as I'm not a regular reader of Mudcat. MD