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Posted By: Fibula Mattock
02-Mar-07 - 10:57 AM
Thread Name: BS: psychotherapy/counselling
Subject: RE: BS: psychotherapy/counselling
1) tried counselling. Not a success. Doesn't work if you're manic (and therefore unreceptive to talking things over). It's a pour-your-heart-out thing, is counselling. That's my experience. The counsellors were student and then workplace counsellors.

2) currently undergoing therapy. Am on the NHS waiting list for CBT - waited 5 months for an assessment, now have to wait another 4-6 months for the CBT to start. Not exactly happening as and when it's needed. In the meantime I am seeing a crisis intervention service for therapy in a slim attempt to hold on to key things like careers and relationships and er, life. So far, so good, even if all I've experienced is someone with a German accent saying "tell me about your childhood" (ah, the cliché). Seems promising - I've been told that the therapist builds a picture of you and then explores what's causing stress.

3) I also have a psychiatrist (because of bipolar/manic depression) but he deals with medication issues and outpatient check-ups. He does the therapy referral.

4) don't normally post to BS threads anymore but if it's mental health related I do my damndest to talk about it because I hate to see stigma about mental health, hence the long and rambling post. Cheers.