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02-Mar-07 - 11:42 AM
Thread Name: Origins: How to escape from pirates
Subject: RE: Origins: How to escape from pirates
Granted the above are not nautical maneuvers. Here are some from Colcord's Songs of American Sailormen:

1. Sail every which way, and moon your pursuer, as in


He chased us to windward for glasses one or two,
He chased us to loo'ard, but nothing could he do,
He fired his bow-chaser, thinking o'er us to prevail,
But the bold Princess Royal soon showed him her tail.

2. Overcome them with curse words, smaller crew, and smaller guns, and do it in midmorning, (perhaps to catch them at tea-time?), and above all, finish them off by lunchtime, as in


I would see you damned, cried Daniels,
I would sooner sink at sea.
They hoisted up their bloody flag,
Our hearts to terrify,
With their big guns to our small arms,
At us they did lt fly.

She mustered twelve twelve-pounders,
And a crew of a hundred men,
The time the action did begin,
It was just about half past ten,
We mounted six six-pounders,
Our crew being twenty-two,
In the course of an hour and a quarter,
Those pirates we did subdue.