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Posted By: Fibula Mattock
02-Mar-07 - 02:51 PM
Thread Name: BS: psychotherapy/counselling
Subject: RE: BS: psychotherapy/counselling
Hi Ebbie,
Well, I have a really good friend who is also bipolar, so statistically I can say I have at least 8 friends, which is nice :)

The therapist I spoke to today was talking about the danger of labels - I think perhaps a warning not to pigeonhole ourselves as being certain things (perhaps Ivor can expand on that). Me, I'm personally a little glad of labels. When I looked through the list of symptoms and said "yup" to every single one of them it was like I'd finally discovered I wasn't the freak I thought I was - there was an identifiable diagnosis for what was wrong.

But yes, good luck to us all. The world can be a pretty rough place, and it's nice to know there's help out there, however dark it seems at times.