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Posted By: GUEST,Blind DRunk in Blind River
02-Mar-07 - 05:38 PM
Thread Name: BS: Where do Birds go to Die?
Subject: RE: BS: Where do Birds go to Die?
This probally ain't a new thought so let's flippin' get THAT outta the way but I still, like, wonder why we don't see more dead people and dogs layin' around than we do, eh?

On any ushewal day I see hundreds of people and quite a few dogs walkin' around and there must be flippin' MILLIONS of 'em out there! So why is it that I see maybe one or two stiffs in a whole year??? It don't make sense. I seen a dead dog about 3 months ago at the side of the road. I ain't seen a dead person since the OPP dragged that buddy of mine, Lou, outta the lake along with his snowmobile.

I used to go downtown cruisin' a lot. Like almost every day, eh? I seen a few drunks layin' in the gutter, but I rarely saw a dead man or a dead dog.

Why?   I KNOW there are people and dogs dyin' every day, eh? It's a known fact. The OPP offisers tell me that they have seen a lotta dead poeple. I guess that is one of the benefits of bein' a cop, eh?

- Shane