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Posted By: Big Jim from Jackson
02-Mar-07 - 06:56 PM
Thread Name: Obit: what happened to Shag Connor?
Subject: RE: Obit: what happened to Shag Connor?
Paul Gunningham, who posts the scrumpy and western website is an email acquaintance of mine. In fact, I think he mentions me on the website somewhere. I am a Wurzel fan, and I have a liking for the Yetties. There is another interesting group called the Yokels. I have to say that Shag is my favorite. I agree that he could really sing well. My own personal bent is toward the jokes and silly songs, as well, so he was a natural for me to appreciate. You have no idea how hard it is here in the middle of the USA to find out about these kind of folks! When I play some of their material on my radio show I always wonder what the reaction of the listeners is. I can just picture their startled glances in the direction of their radios. "What in the ..................!   :-)