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Posted By: GUEST,Scoville
03-Mar-07 - 12:16 AM
Thread Name: Tune Req: Princess Royal
Subject: RE: Tune Req: Princess Royal
Sorry to resurrect this so much later but someone has asked me to send them some of my dulcimer tab and I find that many of the tunes they requested need to be overhauled badly.

I learned "Princess Royal" ten or fifteen years ago as a reel in G major from a concertina player. At the time, he told me he thought it was an O'Carolan composition; someone else mentioned the Canadian ship later, so I've heard both stories.

Website on the Arethusa. Is this how the tune normally sounds? (Is this considered to be the O'Carolan version, if it was an O'Carolan piece?) It's partly recognizable but quite different from the concertina player's version, which sounds more line the one on this CD, except that I learned it with the B part repeated (the B part is 12 bars).

I hate to write up a piece of tab with muddled information but I guess I'll put in what I can and say that the origins are ambiguous.   Nevertheless, does anyone have any more thoughts?