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Posted By: John in Brisbane
21-Mar-00 - 12:25 AM
Thread Name: Glossary of Scottish Words (PermaThread)
Subject: Glossary of Scottish Words
Full Scots Glossary

This may ultimately become a useful resource for Mudcatters who wish to understand Scottish song lyrics, and was prompted by recent discussions about FAQ's for newcomers. For the sake of reasonable brevity I have posted the A-C section only. I have longer term hopes of expanding it somewhat to include dialect beyond Scottish, maybe even Australian. A Glossary of about 5,000 words/terms is probably achievable over the next year or two. In the meantime I would appreciate advice as to the best place to house it. Regards, John

PS I'm not emotionally ready to accept detailed reports of errors and omissions just yet, and certainly not in this forum. Please do so via a personal message if you care to add or discuss fine detail.

A Glossary of Scottish Words

A Ah I
a a
A' all.
A' all
a bodie someone
a haip a lot+ often
a maiter o as much as
A' THE GO extremely popular
a thocht the least bit
a wee a little while
a while sin some time ago
aa a'+ aw all
aa ither thin everything else
aa weys aw weys in every way
aabodie awbodie a'bodie everyone
aagates awgates everywhere
aamaist awmaist almost
aareadies awreadies already
aaricht awricht all right
aathegither awthegither altogether
aathing awthing everything
aawhaur everywhere
aback behind
abee as it is+ alone
abeelitie abeilitie ability
abeich abeech aloof
abi’s abeis+ abees compared with
Abiegh aloof
Ablins v. aiblins.
ablo ablow below
Aboon above up.
aboot about
abraid abroad
Abread abroad.
Abreed in breadth.
abreest Abreist abreast
abuin abune; aboon above
abuise abuse
ABUNE above
accoont account
accuistom accustom
ackwart awkward
acquent acquainted Past t.
acquent acquant acquaint
acquentit acquainted Past perf.
acre acre
adae ado going on+ being done+ the matter with
admeet admeet admit
admoneetion admoneition admonition
advocate barrister
ae one+ the only one
AE one+ any
ae day one day
aefauld honest
aefauldlie sincerely
aff off
AFF off
aff luif aff-lufe+ aff-loof off-hand
aff o away from
Aff-hand at once.
Aff-loof offhand.
affuird afford
A-fiel afield.
afore before+ in front of
AFORE before
Aft oft.
AFT often
aft(en) affen often
Aften often.
again agen agane again
age age
agin again against
agley aglay aglee off line
aheid ahead
Ahin behind.
ahint ahent ahin behind
Aiberdeen Aberdeen
Aiberdour Aberdour
Aiberfyle Aberfoil
aiblins perhaps
aicht echt+ aucht+ eicht eight
Aidin Eden
aidle liquid manure
Aidle foul water.
aigle eagle
aik oak
AIK oak
Aiken oaken.
ail ail
ain (on it's) own
AIN+ ANE own+ one
ainimal animal
ainsel ainsell own self
aiple epple apple
air air
Air early.
airch erch arch
airieplane aeroplane
Airle earnest money.
airm erm arm
airmie army
airn iron
airt art aim+ direction
airticle article
airtit directed
AIRTS directions
aishan issue
ait oat
aith oath
aither ether either
aits oats
aiven even
aiven on even+ straight+ right
Aiver an old horse.
aix axe
aixle axle
aizle ember+ spark+ cinder
ajee awry
A-jee ajar; to one side.
akis acause because
aks ax ask
alairm alarm
Alake alas.
alane alone
ALANE along
alanerlie entirely
alang along
ale ale
alenth alength along
alike alyke similar+ the same
aliment alimony
aller alder
allou alloo allow
alowe alight+ on fire
altho although
am am
Amaist almost.
amang amo among
AMANG among
ambeetious ambeitious ambitious
amens amends
Americae Amerikie America
amissin missing
amna am not
amoont amount
an and
An if.
An' and.
AN' A' also (and all)
an aa an aw an' a' also+ as well+ too
an aa that an aw that and all that sort of thing
an that and so on etceteras
AN+ AN' and
ance ance once
ANCE once
ance eerant eirrant+ eirrand specially for that alone
ane one
ANE (THEIR ANE) their own
ane anither one another
ANE+ ANES one+ ones
aneath aneith+ aneeth+ anaeth beneath
anent concerning+ opposite
anerlie only
Anes ones.
anger anger
angry angry
anither another
ANITHER another
annoonce announce
annual annual
answer answer
anter venture
antie aunt
antrin occasional
anxeeitie anxiety
A'PLACE everywhere
Apryle Aprile April
Aqua-fontis spring water.
Aqua-vitae whiskey.
are ar+ ur+ ir are
ARENAE are not
argie airgie argue
ark airk chest
Arle v. airle.
arna arena are not /aren't
AROUN' around
arrae arra arrow
artifeecial artifeicial artificial
as als+ uz as
asclent asklent oblique
Ase ashes.
ashet serving dish
aside asyde beside
Asklent askew
Aspar aspread.
asteer asteir astir
astragal glazing bar
at at
at ane mair at the last push
ataa ataw at all
A'thegither altogether.
athin within
athoot ithoot+ athout without
athort across+ over
Athort athwart.
ATHWART across
atterie attery infested+ grim+ angry
atweel atweill indeed+ in any case
Atweel in truth.
atween atwein between
atweesh atweish between
atwixt between
aucht aicht echt due+ owed+ own
Aught eight.
Aught possessed of.
Aughten eighteen.
Aughtlins at all.
Augist August
auld aald aul aal ald old
AULD LANG SYNE old memories; days gone by
Auld Reekie Edinburgh.
AULD+ AULDER old+ older
aulddame grandmother
Auldfarran auldfarrant
auld-farrant old fashioned
Auld-warld old-world.
aum a'um alum
aumers embers
Aumous alms.
aumrie aumry pantry
Austrailae Austrailie Australia
ava at all+ without stopping
AVA' at all
AW all
awa away+ along+ ago
AWA' away
awa aff leaving
awaby at home+ off home
awaird award
Awald backways and doubled up.
Awauk awake.
Awauken awaken.
AWAUKENS awakens
awaur aware
awe owe
awesome awful
awfu awfae+ awfie awful
Awkart awkward.
awn own (belongs to)
Awnie bearded.
ay aye yes
aye ey always+ still
AYE yes+ always
ayebidin ayebydin eternal
ayont beyond
AYOUT across
Ba' a ball.
baa baw+ ba' ball
baccie bakkie tobacco
back back
backarts backwards
back-end autumn
Backet bucket
backin address
Backit backed.
backlins backwards
Backlins-comin coming back.
backsey loins of beef
Back-yett gate at the back.
bad baud bad
badderelocks edible seaweed
bade endured
bade stayed
Bade asked.
baff a slipper+ a blow
baggie a swede
Baggie stomach.
BAGS bagpipes
baignet bayonet
Baig'nets bayonets.
baillie magistrate
Baillie magistrate of a Scots burgh.
Bainie bony.
baird bard
bairge barge
bairn child+ baby
BAIRN+ BAIRNIE little child
bairnheid childhood
BAIRNS children
Bairntime brood.
baith both
BAITH both
bak bake
Bakes biscuits.
bakken baked
bakkit baked
balderrie wild orchid
ballant ballad
Ballats ballads.
BALLOCH mountain pass
ballop opening in trousers
Balou lullaby.
Ban swear.
Ban' band (of the Presbyterian clergyman).
bananae banana
band baun+ baund bound
bane bone
BANES bones
Bang an effort; a blow; a large number.
Bang to thump.
Banie v. bainie.
Bannet bonnet.
bannock small loaf
Bannock bonnock
Bannock nicht Shrove Tuesday
banstickle stickleback
bap bread roll
bapteese bapteise baptise
bar baur bar
Bardie dim. of bard.
BARDY scolding
Barefit barefooted.
bare-scud ber-scud naked
Barket barked.
Barley-brie or bree
Barm yeast.
Barmie yeasty.
Barn-yard stackyard.
barrae barra+ borra+ borrie+ barrie barrow
barrie fine+ excellent
Bartie the Devil.
bash a drinking bout
Bashing abashing.
bass a mat
bastardin devilish
bastart bastard
Batch a number.
bather bother
Bathkit Bathgate
batters book cover+ to paste
Batts the botts; the colic.
bauch bad tasting
bauchle bachle+ bauchil distort
Bauckie-bird the bat.
baud bade
baudrons cat+
Baudrons Baudrans
bauk beam+ unploughed ridge+ balk
Bauk v. bawk.
bauken bat
Bauk-en' beam-end.
bauld bold+ bald
Bauldest boldest.
Bauldly boldly.
Baumy balmy.
baur joke+ bar
baurber barber
baurley baurlie barley
baurrel barrel
Bauss Rock Bass Rock
bawbee half penny
bawd(rons) baud a hare
Bawdrick Baldridge
Bawdrons v. baudrons.
bawheid fool
Bawk a field path.
bawkie backie bat
bawsant having a white streak
Baws'nt white-streaked.
bawtieS rabbit+ hare
baxter baker
be be
beadle church officer
bear bear (carry)
Bear barley.
beard baird beard
beardie stone loach
beas beis beasts
Beas' beasts
beast beist beast
beastie insect
Beastie dim. of beast.
beat bait beat
beat beaten
beb drink
beck curtsey
become becum become
bed bed
beef any butchers meat
beek beik warm
been been
Beet feed
begesserant sparkling
begin begin
begoud begude began
begowk begeck deceive
begrudge grudge
begrutten tearstained
behauden obliged.
beheid behead
behuve behuive behove
beil biel+ beel suppurate
Beild v. biel.
bein be-in being
belang belong
Beld bald.
belike probably+ probably+ likely
bellaes bellas+ bellies bellows
Bellum assault.
Bellys bellows.
Beltane Mayday
belyve soon+ quickly+ at once
ben mountain
ben inside (a room)
Ben a parlor (i.e. inner apartment)
bend bend+
benmaist innermost
BENMAIST furthest
Benmost inmost.
benorth north of
Be-north to the northward of.
bent bent
bent(s) common hair-grass
bere barley
berk bark
berm ferment
bern barn
Berrick Berwick
besaunt canonise
beseek beseik beseech
besmerten besmairten smarten+ tidy
besom bizzom broom+ hussy
Be-south to the southward of.
best best
bestmaid bridesmaid
beteach to entrust
Bethankit grace after meat.
better better
betterment improvement
beuk buik+ buke book+ baked
Beuk a book: devil's pictur'd beuks-playing-cards.
bewaur beware
bewave lay in wait
bi by+ beside
bi crivens crivvens Christ defend us
bi fegs by faith+ truly
bi(s) in comparison with+ besides+ than
bick bitch
bicker skirmish
Bicker a wooden cup.
Bicker a short run.
Bicker to flow swiftly and with a slight noise.
Bickerin noisy contention.
Bickering hurrying.
bid bid+ stayed
Bid to ask
bidden bid+ endured+ stayed
biddin invite
BIDDIN stayed
bide byde endure+ dwell+ stay
BIDE stay
BIDE A WEE stay a while
Biel bield
Biel comfortable.
bield beild shelter
bien bein comfortable
Bien bienly
BIEN in good condition
big bigg build
biggen built+ swollen+ pregnant
biggin building
biggit built
Bike v. byke.
Bill the bull.
billie billy companion
bing heap
Bingrie Ballingry
Bings heaps.
bink bank shelf
binna don't be+ unless+ except+ be not
binnd bin' bind
bird bird
Birdie dim. of bird; also maidens.
birk birch tree+ cheer
Birken birchen.
birkenshaw birch wood
birkie lively
Birkie a fellow.
birl turn+ spin
BIRLIN' spinning
birr whirr
Birr force
birrie bury
birriet birrit buried
Birring whirring.
birse birss+ burs bristle+ bristles+ anger
Birses bristles.
birsle scorch
Birth berth.
birze squeeze
biss bizz bustle
bit piece
Bit small (e.g.
Bit nick of time.
BIT but
Bitch-fou completely drunk.
Bizz a flurry.
Bizz buzz.
Bizzard the buzzard.
Bizzie busy.
blab blister
Black-bonnet the Presbyterian elder.
Black-nebbit black-beaked.
blad a leaf+ a portfolio+
Blad v. blaud.
blae blue grey+ livid
blae-bunnet blue tit
blain blane scar+ weal
blairt outburst
blame fault
blash splash
blashie windy+ rainy
Blastet blastit
Blastie a blasted (i.e.
blate bashful+ shy
Blather bladder.
blatter rattle+ heavy blow
blaud spoil
Blaud a large quantity.
Blaud to slap
blaw blaa+ bla blow
Blaw to brag.
BLAW+ BLAWN+ BLAWS blow+ blown+ blows
Blawing blowing.
blawn blaan blown
bleb tipple
bleck black
bleckie blackbird
bled bled
blee blie dim
Bleer to blear.
Bleer't bleared.
Bleeze blaze.
BLEEZE blaze
bleize bleaze+ bleeze blaze
Blellum a babbler; a railer; a blusterer.
blenk moment+ blink
blenker blinker eye-lash
blether bleather babble+ idle talk+ blather
blether bladder
Blether blethers
bletheration nonsense
Bletherin' talking nonsense.
BLETHERSKATE silly talker; one who talks too much
blew blew
Blin' blind.
BLIN' OORS hours of darkness
Blink a glance
Blinkers spies
Blinkin smirking
blinnd blin' blind
blinnd-bat moth
Blin't blinded.
BLINTERIN glimmering
blirt weep+ cry
bliss bless
Blitter the snipe.
blomaist blowmaist lowest
blowst brag+ boast
Blue-gown the livery of the licensed beggar.
bluffert bliffert a squall of wind
bluid blude+ blid bleed+ blood
BLUID+ BLUIDY+ BLUIDIE blood+ bloody
bluidshed bloodshot
Bluidy bloody.
bluim blume+ blim bloom
bluiter blooter+ bluter obliterate
Blume to bloom.
blunner blun'er blunder
Bluntie a stupid.
Blypes shreds.
blythe blithe pleased+ happy
boar boar
BOATIE small boat
Bobbed curtsied.
bocht boucht bought
Bocked vomited.
bodach old man
Boddle a farthing.
Bode look for.
bodie body+ boadie+ buddie (some)one
Bodkin tailor's needle.
Body bodie
Boggie dim. of bog.
BOGIE boogie man
bogle boggil spectre
Bogle a bogie
bogshaivle distort
bole recess
Bole a hole
Bonie bonnie
Bonilie prettily.
bonnie bonny beautiful
BONNIE beautiful/handsome
Bonnock v. Bannock.
bonspiel bonspeil curling match
BOO bow
'Boon above.
boond bound+ boundary
Boord board
Boord-en' board-end.
BOORTREE elder tree
Boortress elders.
Boost must needs.
Boot payment to the bargain.
Bore a chink
born born
borrae borra borrow
bosie embrace+ a bosom
boss hollow+ boss
bossie basin
Botch an angry tumor.
BOTHAN cottage
bothie bothy cottage
bou boo bow+ bend
bou-backit hump-backed
boud boo'd+bou'd bowed+ bent
bouer booer bower
bougle boogle lurk
bouk body+ bulk
Bouk a human trunk; bulk.
boul bool bowl for game of bowls+
bouls bools The game of bowls or
Bountith bounty.
Bourshaa Bowershall
bourtree boortree elder tree
'Bout about.
bowder bolder
bowe bow (weapon)+ arch
bowf bark
Bow-hough'd bandy-thighed.
bowk boke+ bock retch+ vomit
Bow-kail cabbage.
bowl bowel bowl
bowlie bow-legged
bowlt bent
bowster bolster
bowt bolt
Bow't bent.
box boax box
boy boay boy
brace mantelpiece
Brachens ferns.
BRADE broad
brae slope+ hill
BRAE hill
braid broad
BRAID broad
Braik a harrow.
Braing't plunged.
brainsh brainch branch
braird sprout
BRAISANT brazen faced
braith braeth breath
brak brek break+ broken
BRAK break
brakfast brakefast breakfast
Brak's broke his.
brammle bramble blackberry
brander a grid iron
branderin scaffolding
brang brought
brank prance
Brankie gay
Branks a wooden curb
Bran'y brandy.
brash short illness+ burst of
Brash short attack.
brast burst
brat ragged garment+ pinafore
Brats small pieces
Brats small children.
brattle clatter
Brattle a scamper.
Brattle noisy onset.
BRATTLIN rushing noisily
braw bra fine
Braw handsome
BRAW fine
brawlie splendidly+ thoroughly
brawlie altogether
Brawlie finely
brawlike fine
braws finery
braxie braxy sheep's disease
Braxies sheep that have died of braxie (a disease).
Breastie dim. of breast.
Breastit sprang forward.
brecham horse collar
Brechan ferns.
breckens bracken
bree brie brew+ the brunt+ gravy
breed breed
breeks breiks trousers
BREEKS trousers
breekums very short trousers
breer breer brier
breeshle breeshle rush
breest breist breast
Breetish Breitish British
breid breed bread
breil breel race
breinge breenge barge
brent brand v.
Brent brand.
Brent straight
bress brass
breuk bruik+ bruke+ brook broke
brew broo+ brou liquid
brewster brewer
bricht bright
brickle brittle
BRIDLE wedding
Brie v. barley-brie.
Brief writ.
Brier briar.
brig bridge
Brig o Dee Bridge of Dee
bring bring
brinkie comely
Brisket breast.
brither brother
brittle difficult
Broad-claith broad-cloth.
broch burgh
Brochheid Burghhead
brocht brought
brochten brought
Brochtie Broughty Ferry
Brochtoun Broughtown
brock badger
BROCK badger
brockit having black and
brod goad+ board+ having
brog pierce
broggle bungle
Brogue a trick.
Broo soup
Brooses wedding races from the church to the home of the bride.
brose oatmeal dish
brose soup
Brose a thick mixture of meal and warm water; also a synonym for porridge.
broth soup
brou broo brow
brouk brook soil
broun broon brown
brounkaities bronchitis
brousle broosle crush
browden pamper
Browster wives ale wives.
brucken broken
bruckle brittle
brucklie brittle
Brugh a burgh.
bruim brume broom
Bruimhaa Broomhall
bruind flare
bruit brute
brulyie brulzie brawl
Brulzie brulyie
BRUME broom (the shrubs cytisus or genista)
brung brought
brunstane brimstone
brunt burnt
Brunteelan Brunteilan Burntisland
brushers bottles of beer
brust burst
bubbliejock bubblyjock turkey
bucht sheep pen+ bay
bucket pale
Buckhyne Buckhine Buckhaven
Buckie dim. of buck; a smart younker.
Buckle a curl.
Buckskin Virginian: the buckskin kye
bud had to
Budget tinker's bag of tools.
Buff to bang
buffits mumps
bug built
Bughtin folding.
buird burd table+ board
buirdlie burdly stalwart
Buirdly stalwart.
buit bute+ bit boot
bul bull
buller bellow
bullie bullfinch
bum drone
Bum the buttocks.
Bum to hum.
bumbaizie confuse
bumbee bumble-bee
Bum-clock beetle
bummle hum+ a wild bee
Bummle a drone
bund bound
Bunker a seat.
bunnet bonnet
Bunters harlots.
Burdies dim. of bird or burd (a lady); maidens.
bure buir bore
BURGENET duvet+ quilt
burn burn+ stream
Burnewin the blacksmith (i.e.
Burnie dim. of burn
Burns nicht 25th January
burrae burra burrow
Burr-thistle spear-thistle.
burst burst
bursten bursen burst
burstit burst
bus omnibus
busk adorn
Busk to dress; to garb; to dress up; to adorn.
BUSK to dress+ make ready
buss bush+ dress
busskie bushy
Bussle bustle.
but bit but+ except+ outer
But without.
But butt
butter butter
buy buy
by by+ past
By beside.
By himsel beside himself.
by wi't done for+ as good as
Bye attour (i.e. by and attour)
bygae pass
bygane past times
bygate byway
bygaun passing
byke bike bees+ wasps or ants nest
Byke a bees' nest; a hive; a swarm; a crowd.
byle bile boil
bylt biled boiled
byne bine bowl+ washtub
byordinar byordnar unusual
byous special
byre cow shed
byspale wonderful
Ca' call
CA' THRO' work on
CA'+ CA'D call+ called
caa ca'+ caw call
caad ca'd called
caain vocation
cabbitch cabbage
cabble quarrel
cack defecate
cackie defecate
caddie carrier+ bearer
cadge peddle wares+ carry
cadger carrier+ disagreeable
Cadger a hawker (especially of fish).
cadie a mans cap
Cadie caddie
Caff chaff.
cahoutchie cahoochie rubber
cailleach old woman
caird card+ tinker
cairiage cairriage carriage
cairie kerry+ cairrie+ cairry carry
cairie-on behaviour
cairiet carried
cairn pile of stones
cairpet carpet
cairt cart+ map
CAIRT cart
cairts playing cards
caition deposit+ caution
caiver caver mumble
Calf-ward grazing plot for calves (i.e.
Callan callant
callant youth
caller fresh
Caller cool
Callet a trull.
cam came
CAM came
camceil sloping ceiling
cammelt crooked
camshauchle disordered
camsheuch crabbed+ cross grained
camsteirie camsteerie+ camstairie perverse+ difficult to
can kin may / can
canalyie rabble
candibrod sugar-candy
cangle wrangle
Canie cannie
canker fret
cankert ill-tempered
Cankrie crabbed.
cankrif cankrife cankering
canna canny+ cannie may not / can't
cannach cotton grass
cannie canny gentle+ skilful etc.
Canniest quietest.
Cannilie cannily
CANNY carefully
CANNY GAUN easy going
cant sing softly
cantie canty cheerful+ happy
cantle lilt
Cantraip magic
cantrip magic spell+ frolic
Cants merry stories
CANTY contented
caper caper
capercailzie capercaillie the game bird
capernoitie capricious+ crazy+ irritable
Cape-stanc copestone.
capestane caipstane capstone
carb wrangle+ quarrel
care caer care
Care na by do not care.
carefu carefae+ carefie careful
carfuffle curfuffle disorder
cark care+ worry
Carl carle