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Posted By: JohnInKansas
03-Mar-07 - 01:10 PM
Thread Name: Tech help, new guitar tuner
Subject: RE: BS: Tech help, new guitar tuner
Strobe tuning is s o o o old-hat. The tuner he really needs is This One.

With it, he can be out of tune in any of 8 different scale systems and in any key over an 8 octave range.

With the multi-mode tuning, he can easily accommodate the "equi-tempered" vs "Pythagorean" crap debate by choosing which to tune to; and when the banjo player suggests playing in Werckmeister III, Vallotti, Mean Tone Eb, Kirnberger III, Young, Mean Tone D#, or Kellner scale tuning he won't be at a loss.

Also in fast mode he'll be able to show that his – and everyone else's - strings vary by a couple of cents on each pluck, so he can WIN with the argument that those who call him out of tune are just listening to the wrong end of the note.

It recently listed for around $400 (US) but the list price has been brought down to $139, and a little web shopping can find it for (barely <) $100.

(It comes with a belt clip.)