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Posted By: Janie
03-Mar-07 - 02:51 PM
Thread Name: BS: psychotherapy/counselling
Subject: RE: BS: psychotherapy/counselling
I consider there to be a difference between counseling and psychotherapy. It is never appropriate or good to give advice in psychotherapy. However, when doing supportive counseling, there are times, or certain populations, when advice giving is entirely appropriate. And when one works with disadvantaged populations, where multiple needs and environmental issues strongly impinge on the emotional health and well-being of the client, one rarely has a purely psychotherapeutic relationship with a client.

Rich or poor, or in between, my impressions of people on Mudcat (people who have computers) is they have the basic skills and, much more importantly, the knowledgej they need to navigate our society and institutions. I think most of you do not know just how priviledged you are. I do not hesitate to advise a developmentally disabled client on what to do about an eviction notice. I'll give advice in a heartbeat to a woman with a 6th grade education on who and how to approach her son's school to get help for him, etc. I do not hesitate to engage in advocacy with other agencies and institutions on behalf of many of my clients. What IS bad practice, is to tell people what they should do in relationships or regarding life decisions, etc., etc.

When it comes to very practical matters, the 'worried well' or the person with sufficient material resources to survive, can afford to learn from bad choices. The many people who are marginalized in our society, don't have that luxury.

My client and I will worry about 'complete sovereignty over one's being' once basic survival needs are assured.

How much psychic energy do you suppose a woman with PTSD has to give to working through her trauma when her kids are hungry, the water is about to be cut off, and she doesn't have the gas money to get to the doctor for treatment of her diabetes?