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21-Mar-00 - 02:47 AM
Thread Name: Glossary of Scottish Words (PermaThread)
Subject: RE: Glossary of Scottish Words

CARL+ CARLS fellow+ fellows
carle old man
Carl-hemp male-hemp.
Carlie a manikin.
Carlin carline a middle-aged
carline carlin old woman
Carline's lowp Carlups
Carmagnole a violent Jacobin.
carnaptious irritable+ quarrelsome
carrant expedition+ sudden
CARRY firmament
carsackie an overall
carse land along river bank
Cartes playing-cards.
Cartie dim. of cart.
carvie caraway
cast cast
castock cabbage stalk
catalog catalogue register
catch catch
catchen caught
catcht caught
Catch-the-plack the hunt for money.
cat's een germander speedwell
cattle birds and beasts in
caucht caught
caudron ca'dron caldron
cauf ca'f calf
Cauf-leather calf-leather.
cauk kalk chalk
cauld caul'+ caal'+ cald cold
cauldrif cauldrife chilly+ indifferent
Cauldron caldron.
caum ca'm calm
Caunadae Canada
caunle can'le candle
Caunlemass 2nd February
caup cap
Caup a wooden drinking vessel.
caur car
caur calves
cause cause
causey causie+ cassie causeway
Causey-cleaners causeway-cleaners.
Caustrim Coldstream
Cavie a hen-coop.
caw ca' drive
CAW drive
Cawcuttie Calcutta
cawd ca'd drove
cawf cauf+ cauff+ caff chaff
ceetie ceety+ ceitie city
ceevil cievil civil
ceilidh dance+ social gathering
cep except+ unless
cepna ceptna except not
certies certainly
chack check nip+ a notch or groove
chaff chafe+ rub+ wear
chaft chin+ jaw+ cheek
chaft blade jaw-bone+ cheek-bone
chaiple chapel
chairge charge
Chairlstoun Charlestown
CHAISE carriage
Chamer chaumer
champ mash+ crush
chancie chancy lucky
Change-house tavern.
channel a gutter
channer grumble+ shingle+ gravel
CHANTER bagpipe chanter
chantie chamber-pot
chap knock+ strike a bargain
Chap a fellow
Chap to strike.
chapman packman
Chapman a pedler.
chapper door knocker
chatter shatter
chattert nibbled+ frayed+ tattered
chaumer chalmer chamber + room
Chaup chap
chaw chow chew+ provoke+ make
cheap chape+ chaip cheap
Chear cheer.
Chearfu' cheerful.
Chearless cheerless.
Cheary cheery.
cheat chate+ chait cheat
Cheek-for-chow cheek-by-jowl (i.e. close beside).
cheen cheen+ chine chain
cheenge cheinge change
cheenie cheinie+ cheeny china+ porcelain
cheep cheip whisper+ squeak
Cheep peep
cheet(ie) cheitie+ chittie a cat
cheordag geordy
CHERLIE Charles Edward Stewart (Bonnie Prince Charlie)
CHEVALIER Bonnie Prince Charlie
chief cheif friendly+ chief
chiel cheild+ chiel lad+ young man+ fellow
child chilld child
childer children
Chimla chimney.
chimley chimbley chimney
chimley-heid mantelpiece
chincoch chincough whooping-cough
chitter tremble+ shiver+ chatter+
Chittering shivering.
chock choke
chosen chosen
choukie chookie chicken
chowe chew+ a quid of tobacco
Chows chews.
Chuck a hen
Chuckie dim. of chuck
chuckie-stanes pebbles
Chuffie fat-faced.
chuise chuse choose
chuist chosen
chum accompany
Chuse to choose.
Cit the civet.
Cit a citizen
clachan village+ hamlet
Clachan a small village about a church.
CLACHAN village
CLAED clothe
Claeding clothing.
claes clothes
Claes claise
clag clog+ smear+ block up
claik gossip+ a barnacle
claith cloth
Claithing clothing.
clamihewit a blow+ a thrashing+ uproar
clamjamfrie clanjamfrie+ clamjamphry a mob+ vulgar crowd+
clang clung p.t.
Clankie a severe knock.
Clap the clapper of a mill.
CLAPPED OOT worn out
Clark a clerk.
Clark clerkly
Clarkit clerked
clart clairt+ clert soil+ stickiness+ mud+ dirt.
clart(ie) dirty
Clarty dirty.
Clash an idle tale; gossip.
Clash to tattle.
clashmaclavers clashmaclaivers gossip
clatch splash+ dirty person
Clatter noise
Clatter to make a noise by striking; to babble; to prattle.
claucht claught+ clacht grasped
Claught clutched
Claughtin clutching
claut clutch+ hoe+ handful+ claw
Claut to scrape.
claver claiver gossip
Claver clover.
Clavers gossip
Claw a scratch
Claw to scratch
Clay-cauld clay-cold.
Claymore a two-handed Highland sword.
CLAYMORE large sword
clean perhaps+ probably
cleck cloak hatch
Cleckin a brood.
cleckin-hen brooding hen
Cleed to clothe.
cleek cleik catch+ hook+ grasp+ link
Cleek to snatch.
cleekit grasped
Cleekit linked arms.
Cleg gadfly.
cleid cleed+ claid clothe+ clad
cleuch cleugh gorge+ ravine+ cliff+ crag
cley clay
clim clim' climb
clinch limp
clink strike+ a rough curling stone
Clink a sharp stroke; jingle.
Clink money
Clink to chink.
Clink to rhyme.
Clinkin with a smart motion.
Clinkum clinkumbell
Clips shears.
clish repeat gossip
Clish-ma-claver gossip
cliver cluver+ klivver clever
clocher expectorate
clocher bronchial mucus+ to clear
clock klok brood
clockbees flying beetles
clocker beetle
Clockin-time clucking- (i. e.
clood cloud
CLOODS clouds
cloot cloth+ patch+ hit
Cloot the hoof.
Clootie cloots
close n. closs narrow alley to a courtyard
close v. close
clour cloor bruise
Clour a bump or swelling after a blow.
Clout a cloth
Clout to patch.
CLOUTS clothes
clowe a clove
clowt clout strike+ slap
Clud a cloud.
cludgie lavatory (slang)
cluif clufe hoof
cluit cloot+ clute hoof clove
Clunk to make a hollow sound.
clype clipe inform
clyte clite rap knuckles
coat cwite coat
Coatbrig Coatbridge
Coble a broad and flat boat.
Cock the mark (in curling).
Cockie dim. of cock (applied to an old man).
Cockinnie Cockenzie
cockle scallop+ totter
Cocks fellows
cod coad cod
Cod a pillow.
coff buy
coft cofft bought
cog coag pail
Cog a wooden drinking vessel
Coggie dim. of cog
Coil Coila
cole haystack
colf fill in+ stop up
collieshangie brawl+ uproar
collogue conference
collop slice of meat
collop portion
comatee committee
come cum come
comed came
comen came
commands commans the ten commandments
compare compeir+ compear appear before court
complein compleen complain
complouter complooter agree+ fit in or mix with
conceit consait conceit
confab talk
conflummix an unwelcome surprise
confuise confuse
connach waste+ spoil+ consume
conseeder conseider consider
conteen contein contain
conteena conteina continue
conter oppose+ against
contermacious contermatious perverse
contrar contrair contrary
convoy escort+ accompany
cooch couch
Cood cud.
Coof v. cuif.
Cookit hid.
cooncil council
coonsel counsel
coont count
Coor cover.
COORDLY cowardly
coorse stormy+ course+ coarse
COORTED courted
Cooser a courser
Coost (i. e. cast)
Cootie a small pail.
Cootie leg-plumed.
corbie crow
Corbies ravens
cordiner shoemaker
Core corps.
Corn mou corn heap.
Corn't fed with corn.
corp body+ corpse
corrie-fistit caur-+ caurie- left+ left (handed)
corrieneuch converse
Corse corpse.
Corss cross.
cosy cosie cosy
cottar cotter cottager
cou coo cow
couart cooart+ cooard coward
coud coud+ cud could
Cou'dna couldna
couer coor+ cooer cower+ crouch
coum cu'm+ coom culm
Countra country.
Coup to capsize.
Couross Culross
couter cooter nose
Couter Cooter Coulter
couthie couthy agreeable+ comfortable
Couthie couthy
COUTHY affable
Cowe to scare
Cowe to lop.
cowp coup overturn+ buy or trade
cowper a horse dealer
cowt colt
crabbit bad tempered
crack chat+ news
Crack tale; a chat; talk.
cracker craker boaster
CRACKIN' gossiping
craft a skilled trade+ cunning+
craft croft
Craft-rig croft-ridge.
craichle croak
craig crag+ neck
Craig the throat.
Craig a crag.
Craigie dim. of craig
Craigy craggy.
craik croak
Craik the corn-crake
craitur creature
cramassie crimson
Crambo-clink rhyme.
Crambo-jingle rhyming.
crammock crooked staff+ walking stick
cran crann iron tripod over fire for pots+
CRAN Scots measure of herring (37 1/2 gallons)
crane cranberry
crank difficult
crankie unsteady+ insecure+
Crankous fretful.
Cranks creakings.
cranreuch hoar-frost
crap crop
Crap crop
craw craa crow
CRAW crow+ boast
CRAWIN' crowing
crawn crowed
crawt crowed
creash creish grease
creashie greasy
creel creil basket+ creel
Creel an osier basket.
creenge creinge cringe
creep creip creep
CREEPIE three legged stool
Creepie-chair stool of repentance.
creepie-stuil child's stool
creepit crept
Creeshie greasy.
creuk crook+ cruke+ cruik hook+ lameness+ lame+
crew crowed
crib curb
crochle cough
crock kill
Crocks old ewes.
cronie crony companion
Crooded cooed.
Croods coos.
Croon moan
Croon to toll.
Crooning humming.
Croose crouse
crottle crumble+ a lichen
Crouchie hunchbacked.
croud crood crowd
croun croon crown
CROUSE arrogant
Crousely confidently.
crouss crooss+ croose cheerful
crowdie a soft cheese
Crowdie meal and cold water
Crowdie-time porridge-time (i. e.
Crowlin crawling.
crub curb
cruddle congeal
cruds curds
cruisie crusie a lamp
cruive cruve fish trap+ pen
cruldge contract+ cower+ crouch
Crummie a horned cow.
crummle crum'le crumble
crummock short stocky
Crummock cummock
Crump crisp.
crunkle krunkil rumple
Crunt a blow.
cruppen crept
cruppen shrunken
cry call+ name
cryne crine shrink
cuddie cuddy donkey
Cuddle to fondle.
cude hair-brained
cuid cood+ cude cud (cows)+ shallow dish
cuidna cudna couldn't
cuif coof+ cufe+ kufe fool
Cuif coof
cuil cule cool
cuisin kizzen cousin
cuist cast
CUIST cast
cuisten cast
cuit cute ankle
cuitch caught
culyie fondle+ cherish+ coax
cummer cum'er cumber
Cummernaud Cumbernauld
Cummock v. crummock.
cundie cundy drain
cunyie cunzie coin+ gutter
Curch a kerchief for the head.
Curchie a curtsy.
curcuddoch sitting side by side
Curler one who plays at curling.
Curmurring commotion.
curn a few
Curpin the crupper of a horse.
Curple the crupper (i. e.
curran curn currant
currie small stool
curtchie curtsey
Cushat the wood pigeon.
CUSHAT starling
cushie ring-dove
Custock the pith of the colewort.
Cutes feet
cuttie cutty short
Cutty short.
CUTTY STOOL wooden chair in which one had to sit in full view of the congregation if one was caught sinning.
Cutty-stools stools of repentance.

John, as usual with just about anything I've seen you do, it's excellent. What I'd suggest is that you do the same thing I've done with the FAQ and the seminal HTML thread - commandeer the thread and post a caveat that all posts to the thread are subject to edition or deletion - I'll be glad to do the editing/deleting. You can post a link to the thread on the "links" page.
Your other option is to get a free website and post it there, with a link posted in Mudcat Links - but I think the idea of commandeering a thread would be just fine. putting a to c in one message is good - makes it easier to edit if it's broken into reasonable parts.
Good work, John.

In fact, let me make that commandeering declaration now:
This thread is intended for use as a permanent reference. You are free to post messages to this thread, but be aware that messages posted here are considered temporary, and may be edited or deleted.
-Joe Offer