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Posted By: JohnInKansas
04-Mar-07 - 02:02 AM
Thread Name: BS: Ozzie Catter coming to Ontario
Subject: RE: BS: Ozzie catter seeks info on Ontario
JennieG -

I don't know a thing about East York, but absence of any response for almost a full day made me wonder if "maybe there isn't an East York."

A brief Google indicates that indeed there is an East York Toronto, but is ambiguous about whether they know who, or what, they are.

One site indicates that East York was incorporated as a Borough in 1924, and remained the only Borough of Toronto until 1998 when it was absorbed into Toronto.

The only site I found that indicated the presence of what might be called "modern buildings" begins with "East York, the only Borough of Toronto," suggesting either that the site hasn't been updated since 1998, or that there remains some resistance to being "part of Toronto."

That second site suggests that the population was largely "senior citizens" until recently, but that the young yuppies have discovered that it was a low-cost living area and have invaded - which implies it's no longer a low cost living area if Canada "progresses" like similar US areas. That it was, recently, an area with predominately "senior" population suggests the likelihood of at least a few "bed and board" places, if all such haven't been wiped out by the invading "juvenile" population.

There appear to be no "media resources" specific to East York, as the only "local news" website appears to collect reports about East York that appear elsewhere on the internet. Although the first dozen news reports seemed to be about cops shooting citizens, closer examination indicated that all the reports were about a single incident in which it's reported that a "citizen" was beating a cop with a two-by-four, so another cop shot him.

This single incident should not be taken to imply that a typical East York citizen is stupid enough to take a board to a gun fight (he might in fact have been a visitor from Toronto), and as the incident reportedly occured at a "money exchange" place of business he might, justifiably(?), have intended to beat an ATM machine and only accidentally appeared to be assaulting the officer.

The remaining "news of East York" appeared to relate to an ongoing battle over funding of a "subway extension," suggesting that public transit is perhaps not satisfactory to some1, but also implying at least the existence of a degree of "modern politics" in the area.

1 the "some" quite likely being all the yuppies who, after driving up the real estate costs and snatching up all the cheap residences now want the region to provide cheaper transportation to their jobs in Toronto, although that's a purely speculative possibility.

A community with only two incidents to report as "news of the week" might be presumed to be a quiet and genteel place to visit, or might just be incredibly boring.

Repeating that I only know what I found on the internet, relative to this place; perhaps if I've insulted enough people, someone with actual knowledge of the place will be encouraged to reply - and at least the thread will move back to the top.

(Don't tell them where I live.)