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Posted By: BK
25-Jan-98 - 09:22 AM
Thread Name: Gordon Bok, Ed Trikett, Ann Mayo Muir
Subject: RE: Gordon Bok, Ed Trikett, Ann Mayo Muir
Charlie: that's really funny about Ed teaching college, not high school; when we were at one of the TBM perormances in Maryland, we heard someone respond to a question from another person in the audience that Ed taught high school and had taught their son - probably did, but at UM.

I've been listening to a Sue Trainor recording on the way to work in the morning lately. At night my wife mentioned how she would like to go back to the DC metroplex to live again; only this time maybe out in the MD country-side? - Sadly our quiet neighborhood's crime rate soared when the legislature's social engineering changed our decades racially mixed (very mixed; a mnini-UN), but middle class, demographics with an injection of assisted housing, which you don't see in their nieghborhoods in Bethesda or Kensington. The issue is behavior, not race. Need a good folksong abt this!

Cheers, BK