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Posted By: Roger the Skiffler
06-Mar-07 - 08:12 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: songs by Lonnie Donegan
Subject: Lyr Add: LORELEI (Leiber & Stoller)
This is Leiber & Stoller's Lorelei transcribed from Lonnie's recording. It is very fast so I'm not surprised Claude had problems, I had to listen to it in bits:

(Leiber & Stoller)

I kissed a girl in Burma, in a town they called Rangoon
Her lips were hot as curry in the heat of the afternoon
Her kisses were so spicy I thought my lips would fry
(CHORUS:) But I never knew what kissing was till I kissed Lorelei
Loerelei,Lorelei, Lorelei.

I kissed a girl in Africa, I only had a hope [?]
And every time I kissed her my ears would turn to soap
She kissed me oceans deeply and she kissed me mountains high
But... (CHORUS)

I kissed a girl in London town, right underneath Big Ben
And as our lips were touching the clock was striking ten
She kissed me there in April and it lasted till July

I kissed a girl in the Holy Land in the Sea of Galilee
She fed me dates and olives underneath a lemon tree
She kissed me till my sunburnt lips were parched and dry

You think that I'm just lying and you think she don't exist
But if she kissed you boy you'd know that you'd been kissed
For kissing is her speciality, her one and only dish
For Lorelei's a mermaid, half a woman, half a fish
Lorelei, Lorelei, Lorelei.


Lonnie Donegan recording: