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Posted By: Scrump
07-Mar-07 - 10:32 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: songs by Lonnie Donegan
Subject: Lyr Add: MOVING ON
Not sure why, but the Lorelei lyrics reminded me of this:


Here I stand at the railroad track,
The memory of her, it keeps calling me back.
And hoo-ee goes that old freight train,
Telling me I should be moving on again, and on.

I went to rent a lady's house, she handed me the key,
She said, "It's to be let like this with all that you can see."
"And are you to be let with the house?" said I in a most expectant tone,
She said, "I'm not be let with the house, I'm to be let alone." So,


I met a rich old widow, she was 85 years old,
But coming from a dance one night she caught a nasty cold.
We rubbed her back with whiskey to try and cure her cough,
And then she went and broke her neck trying to lick it off. So,


I took my friend, McTavish, to Rosie's house for tea,
She said, "What's that thing on your lap just above your knee?"
He said, "Oh that's my sporran, ma'am," she said, "Well goodness sake,
For two whole hours I've been trying to feed it chocolate cake."


All my lonely nights are over now that I've met Claire,
She's the fat tattooed lady from the local fair.
But since I have been wed to her a paradise I've found,
I've got heat in the winter and shade in the summer and pictures all year 'round.

No more will I stand at the railroad track,
With the memory of her a-calling me back.
And hoo-ee can go that old freight train,
But I'm never moving on again.