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Posted By: raredance
21-Mar-00 - 11:05 PM
Thread Name: Origins: Rocky Top
Subject: Lyr Add: PLAY 'ROCKY TOP' (Bill Hicks)
(Bill Hicks)

Now I come down to this bar every evening
I get here just about ten
I been tryin' to get a little lovin'
Can't remember how long it's been
So if you'll just do me a favor
Play that song for me
I'll fix your car next Thursday
Throw in the lube and the oil for free.

Play "Rocky Top"
For the lady at the bar
With the long red fingernails
I been tryin' all night to get that girl
Ole "Rocky Top" it never fails
I can't play no music
I ain't go no hundred dollar bill
But if you'll just play old "Rocky Top"
I know that lady will.

Now some people think that I'm stupid
That's all right with me
Comw people can think about anything they want
Just as long as they let me be
I ain't got no education and I don't know how to spell
But I know what a good dried song sounds like
And I know how to raise some hell.


Well the money keeps getting smaller
And the rent keeps going up
I got me a little house trailer
And a brand new blue tick pup
I can't afford no regular woman
So this is what I'll do
You play "Rocky Top" for me
And I'll sing this song for you.

Recorded by the Red Clay Ramblers on "Chuckin' the Frizz" (Flying Fish FF089). Bill Hicks was a member of the Ramblers, primarily fiddle player but also guitar and vocals.

rich r