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Posted By: Bill D
25-Jan-98 - 10:59 PM
Thread Name: History of the Digital Tradition
Subject: RE: History of the Digital Tradition
Joe...if you compulsively push every little bit of blue type on the first page, you will eventually get to this page where a bit of the history is mentioned. Most of it happened right under my nose, since Susan of DT and Dennis Cook were carrying those notebooks around the FSGW Getaway and such. We are still fortunate that Dick G. and Susan (and several others who did a lot on the DT) still come down to th Wash DC area once or twice a year. We stay up till all hours, gossiping, cracking wise, and...oh, yeah...singing till 2 or 3 AM. A lot of the early DT was literally handed out at those events by Dick, Susan, Dennis..etc. to interested people who had computers. Dennis Cook still does the FSGW WEB page and he and his wife, Judy are very involved with traditional music on the east coast and, recently, in England & Scotland.

You may have noticed that 6 or 7 fairly regular posters here all live within shouting distance of one another....and we have a few others who just don't use computers, I guess that the whole east coast folk scene gets part of the credit for getting this all rolling, and people all over the world were soon involved. Me, I just watched and sang mostly,( I have one credit in the database...Dick taped me singing a parody and put it in..) And now, the Joe Offers and Alan of Oz's, etc....with Max's creative programming, have got the whole enterprise flying high....this is REALLY gonna be something in 10 years!!!