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Posted By: The Sandman
10-Mar-07 - 12:38 PM
Thread Name: virtuosity and traditional music
Subject: virtuosity and traditional music
How important should showmanship and virtuosity,be in the performance of folk /traditional music.
while it is the natural thing for all musicians/singers to wish to improve their technique,and set themselves goals to achieve,and while it is important to have technique to be able to convey emotion.,technique without emotion[ in my opinion] does not make good music.
In my opinion, Sean Maguire and also Earl Scruggs,are examples of players with brilliant techniques,but their music leaves me cold.
with folk music becoming more commercial,I believe there is a danger,that the cult of the virtuoso, may take over from good musicianship[the ability to convey emotion and feeling].which were the things that attracted me to blues and folk music in the first place.
Iwould be interested in your views.