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Posted By: Scoville
12-Mar-07 - 10:48 AM
Thread Name: virtuosity and traditional music
Subject: RE: virtuosity and traditional music
You are not doing them or their musical traditions any favors if you affect some sort of "primitivism" in your performances. It is patronizing.

Hear, hear. I hate it when musicians play the yokel. I've never known anyone who didn't work hard to play the best that he/she could.

To my mind, there is no one type of virtuosity and virtuosity as a whole is not the sole propriety of classical musicians. As has been gone over again and again on this forum, the best violinists do not always make the best fiddlers. I've known fiddlers who really are virtuosi [?] and probably could have been excellent violinists had they been so inclined, but they weren't, and that's not the direction they took. They were no less musicians for it, they just used their ability differently. It's apples and oranges.