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Posted By: Barry Finn
14-Mar-07 - 01:23 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: On Board of a Man-of-War
To add to the list of Belamy's On Board songs here's another. The words are traditional but the tune is Peter's. At least the tune I know it by. I'm sure there was an earlier one but hell if I know it.


When I was young and scarce eighteen, I drove a roaring trade,
And many a sly trick I have played with many a pretty maid.
My parents found that would not do; I soon should spend their store,
So they resolved that I should go on board of a man-of-war.
Fol de rol, &c.

A bold press-gang surrounded me. Their warrant they did show.
They swore that I should go to sea and face the daring foe.
Then off they lugged me to the boat. O how I cursed my fate!
'Twas then I found that I must float on board of a ninety-eight.

When first I put my foot on board, how I began to stare!
Our Admiral he gave the word: "There is no time to spare".
They weighed their anchor, shook out sail, and off they bore me straight
To watch the foe in storm and gale on board of a ninety-eight.

Before we reached America, they gave me many a drill.
They soon learnt me a nimble way to handle an iron pill.
In course of time, a fight begun when bold Jack-tars laid straight.
What would I give if I could run from on board of a ninety-eight!

But as time flew, I bolder grew, and hardened was to war.
I'd run aloft with my ship's crew and valued not a scar.
So well I did my duty do, till I got Boatswain's mate,
And damn me, soon got Boatswain too, on board of a ninety-eight.

So years rolled by. At Trafalgar, brave Nelson fought and fell.
As they capsized that hardy tar, I caught a rap as well.
To Greenwich College I then came because I saved my pate.
They only knocked one wing off Jack on board of a ninety-eight.

So now my cocoa I can take, my pouch with 'bacco stored.
With my blue clothes and three-cocked hat, I'm as happy as a Lord.
I have done my duty, served my King, and now I bless my fate;
But damn me, I'm too old to sing. I'm nearly ninety-eight!

I still remember him jumping around the stage like a jack rabbit in his bright red suit singing this & "Walk Around Me Brave Boys" (or is it simply "Roll Down"), Jesus, that was a great concert!